Wednesday, 25 February, 2009

Rejoice India, Slumdog has won


Well, Indian cinema finally arrives at big stage, Slumdog has won 8 Oscars for Best Film, Best director, Best Music and what all… , time for celebration is not it !?.

Before the award ceremony began i was silently praying this film not to get even a mention at the Oscars. I was watching one of the shows in DD yesterday (yes you heard right DD national !), one of the guests when asked about what’s so special film Slumdog Millionaire and what's the edge it has over other films, he rightly said the only edge this film has is that its directed by an foreign Guy, how true !, can anybody even imagine the same film directed by an Indian director even getting an wink at Oscars ??.

May be i am not that good at Music, but you don't have to be a music maestro to tell that that Music given by Rehman for this film, was very average compared to some master pieces he has composed !.

Back to euphoria that has been created over this film by our Indian new channels, i think these news channel people are nothing but scum bags. switch to any news channel and the only news these days (yes, The Mumbai fiasco is all but forgotten), is that how India is shining at global stage by getting 8 Oscars !!, can't they even think what they are telling, for whatever gods sake, Boyle could have made this movie only by involving the Indian People & to get the authenticity he wanted (Read picturesque slums of Mumbai), how can we even think that we can take credit for this ?.

Well, to conclude its really a sorry state of affairs all these hue and cry over this non-Indian Film, i feel like some body just used my people like a tissue paper to wipe up their arse and we still feel proud about it, because it was an English toilet.

Jai Ho India !, PBSK

Friday, 16 January, 2009

Back ….

It seems ages since i wrote the last entry, got busy with the project after coming back from france. in the next blog entry i will try to give a summary of what i am doing nowadays.

Monday, 29 October, 2007

European Day Light savings


From Saturday midnight the time difference between the Europe and India will be +4:30 India.

It was great to getup on Monday mornings and see you got an extra hour to sleep !!,  ah if every day was like this :P.

Wednesday, 10 October, 2007

Sexual Harassment at workplace, are women always right !?

Seems there is always some news for our Indian News Channels and they never seem to go out of business on creating SMS Polls. Latest news today is some Madam X has accused her director of company of sexual harassment, the man in question also coincidently happens to be her performance manager. I am not saying here the accused is not guilty and he must be indeed be punished severely if found guilty, but the point is how women's can easily use the one-sided law. The accusation it seems is based on an email which was not in "good taste" Assume if the accusations are false which is indeed true in some cases, the accused will suffer irrecoverable loss and ruined for life, will anybody care about this ? the TV channels are making big noise about the name of the people involved, for god sake, see the problem with a clear mind, and act !!.

Between all those people who are forwarding mails on hourly basis into their mailing lists, be careful, it will not be surprise if i see your beautiful faces on news soon :D.

PS: again nothing against the employee who has put this accusation, but until its proved let it be just an accusation.

Tuesday, 9 October, 2007

And you thought, you know it all.

I was going through the Blog of Herb Sutter the C++ Organizational committee conveyer and came across this wonderful video of his , for people who don't him, he is one of the authorative C++ guys living today !, in this show he talks about, how little we programmers know about the hardware we are programming for and take things like memory and CPU for granted, the talk will conclude with discussion on need for concurrency and parallelism. highly recommended !!.

PS: the PDF slides are availble at the following link:

Monday, 8 October, 2007

What I am doing these days


Its been 10 months now, I am in France, working for Schneider Electric. my friends keep on asking me, how I am enjoying the stay and work here. to tell the truth, I am at my wits end here. just waiting for my stay to get over (another 2.5 months) and get back to India. I don't want to write much about my experience here, since frankly its not worth blogging about.

Mad Politics in Karnataka


I real feel sorry for the state of politics in Karnataka nowadays. It has really hit its bottom this time.  one side we have  a CM who I think has really done a good job in last 20 months. is he perfect ? no, he has his own share of controversies and bad politics, but compare to last 10 years of rule in Karnataka, he has done a commendable job and really deserved to continue, for their part i think BJP have digged their own grave, i was a BJP supporter for some time now, I thought it was a party who have some really good leaders at the center and now i see this Mr. Yediyurappa who is a real baboon who has lost his mind on not getting his CM seat, I really don't think he deserves this post, for that matter not even a ministerial post.

The Karnataka citizens are really confused by seeing the allegations and counter allegations by these 2 parties. its high time we have some serious thinking on the state of politics, and do our part in brining some drastic changes, or else these people are going to pull us back to the pre Ramayana days.

its a shame on us the citizens of India, that these people are still able to fool us and get themselves voted back. its high time we wake up from our sleep and take a note and do some thing.

Back to Blogging !!

After almost a year of absence i am back to blogging. Lets give another try at maintaining this blog :P

Thursday, 18 January, 2007

Hurrayyyy, Internet connection at last !!

At last !! after waiting 2 weeks my Live box arrived yesterday (actually there were no name boards on our door) so it was lying in the post office. unfortunately the instruction book was in all languages except english !! oooh. But luckily the visuals were self explanatory and was able to connect the live box thing in 10 mins and the livebox had a wireless builtin, so i can happily surf with my laptop with out wires hanging around.

First thing i did after connecting was to check the download speed, i was not really sure if it can deliver really the promised bandwidth of 8Mbps, yes indeed !!, the data started flowing at an incredible speed of 800KB !!, it mayb be common here for such bandwidth, but for me who was used to max of 32KBps download , it was really amazing, i activated my usenet account and started to put for download some movies which i have missed from last month, it took 14 Mins !! for the entire Divx movie :). Man finally some happy moments in France !!.

Monday, 15 January, 2007

Long Absence

Hmm quite a while since i blogged, well not much to blog from past 2 weeks. I was down with fever and just recovered, and also moving into new house from hotel, means no internet connetion for another few days. Have applied for a french telecom connection last week DSL2+ and they have promised a whopping 18Mbps line !!, never heard of that kinda speed before, will be really exciting to experience that kind of speed.

Finally my cargo arrived from Paris, (5 days back) and now i have all my clothing and most importantly Indian food !!. I was almost starving last 2 weeks, and really fedup with eating bread daily. well the french do have some really great food, but let me tell you, they are nowwhere near to our style of food :). most of the dishes are made of Beef and Pork which i never touched in life (and not intention of in future !!). so my advise to anyone visiting on longterms, pack as much food from india as possible !!.

i went to the superbazaar yesterday to buy some groceries and kitchen items, God the rates were were terrifying, check this for 1/2 KG Potato its 1.5 Euro (85 Rupees) and tomato 2.3 Euro for 1/2 kg !! and 1 lemon 0.8 Euro !!. and a small coffee vessel 10Euro, god help me in staying here.

Just a small addition after seeing a comment from swaroop, please note i am not trying to make comparisons here between Euro and Rupee (the above conversion is only for sake of conversion not comparison), but i do feel the cost ratio is pretty high in europe !! and nowhere near to the cost index of 1.73.